What is MySQL

MySQL is a SQL (Structured Query Language) database server that runs in a UNIX environment and can serve multiple users through a web page interface.

MySQL is freeware available to TDL customers for use in their web page applications.

To make good use of the MySQL server at TDL, the customer must have a working familiarity with Perl, C++, or Java, along with a working knowledge about database design and structured query language (or, the customer should hire a competent web designer with these skills).

Some examples of uses for MySQL on a website could be:

  • Looking up your trade association's membership list by geography, name, or some other feature;

  • Looking up recipes by ingredients used, ease of preparation, or expense;

  • Looking up movie titles by rating, type of movie, or length of play.

  • It would also be possible to index your entire website and use MySQL to search your site.

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