Fetch for Macintosh Setup

When you open Fetch, you will see a small window to enter the site you want to connect to (Figure 1).

Fetch Connection Window
Figure 1

Input the following in the fields:

  • Host: shell20.tdl.com User ID: your login name
  • Password: your password
  • Directory: Directory: public_html

Click OK and you will connect. Your cursor will turn into a cool animated dog Fetch
Animated Dog Cursor

You will see a window which looks like Figure 2, below.

Directory Window
Figure 2

The box on the left contains the public_html directory on our server, and under it is the list of files in that directory. On the right, are the command buttons and other things such as a progress display.

To upload your files, click Put File. A window will come up that looks like Figure 3:

Fetch Local Directory Window
Figure 3

Find the directory that has the files you want to upload. Do this by selecting the hard drive the files are on (or the desktop, if that's where you put them) in the drop down box, then navigate to the proper directory by double-clicking directory names. When you find the right directory,highlight a file you want to upload, and click Open.

The next window that comes up looks like Figure 4, below:

Fetch Put File Window
Figure 4

You should be sure that you are sending the file in the proper format. For HTML files, the Format: type should be text. For pictures, sounds and other downloadable files, the type should be "raw data", not AppleSingle, BinHex, or MacBinary II. Fetch should automatically decide that HTML files are text, but it may guess wrong on some of your files.

Fetch Put File Window, selecting the format
Figure 5

For non-text files, check the Format: on the Put File screen, and change if necessary. After verifying and changing the format, if needed, click OK, and the file will start uploading.

The animated dog returns, Fetch Animated Dog Cursor and you also get an animated pie chart that shows your progress.

When it's done, you can click put file again to put a new file.

You can disconnect from the server by closing the window.

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