Virtual Control Panel

This page explains how to access your virtual control panel,from which you can perform your new administrative functions for your virtual domain. To reach your control panel, you must type in a URL of into your browser. You will be asked for your login and password. Simply enter them both, and you will enter the control panel.

You may add a MySQL database, by clicking on the Add Database link, and filling out the form, providing the username, password, and database name. All three of these will need to be remebered for future database scripting.

Click the Change Password link to change your password. This will change it in three places: this control panel, your shell password, and the postmaster password for your e-mail administration. Should you have difficulty entering the e-mail adninistration page, this form will set the password to what you want.

Click the View Stats link to view your statistics. The statistics for the current month, as well as for last month (if there was a last month) will be viewable from that page.

Click the Administer E-mail link to enter the e-mail administartion page. You will be prompted for your pasword once again, for security reasons, then you will enter the e-mail administration form. You may wish to read the instructions for the E-mail admin form.

The other links go to various areas of the main support section, all of which apply to this server as well.

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